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Define primary data
for use as variables
Created columns
combining variables
Set parameters and output format
Download your data
config file
Extras bonus : save your whole data generation configuration to re-use and improve it later.



Latest news

  • 2018-02-15 - Public release of this website offering a SaaS version of YourFakeName.Com. Nothing to install: try it now online!
  • 2013-02-07 - A new feature has been added : YourFakeName.Com is now able to ensure unicity on any column.
  • 2013-01-30 - The very first release


Primary data correspond to the source information, which can be used as variables to define the columns of the exported file. For example, if we want to generate user accounts, the first and last name are primary data, in the final file, you will need a column "login", which can be produced by combining first and last name, converted lower case and without accents, with a dot between the two.
User account are not planned at this moment for the online YourFakeName.Com version. But the downloaded archive at the end of the process contains an XML file containing all the configuration data of the test set. This allows reloading the XML file if you need to regenerate a new set of data.
Use of the YourFakeName.Com online application to generate data is free, and you can use generated test data without restriction. Attention, these are test data: no liability is assumed for importing data into production. You can also fork YourFakeName.Com on github. YourFakeName.Com is licensed under the LGPL, which commits you to republish any changes that you make to the code.

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