The test phase is an important step in the realization of an application. Well perform the tests requires the availability of suitable data to validate the application holistically: not only functional unit tests, but performance against large volumes of data and the relevance of ergonomics face real data. Which developer has never experienced having to go to a screen that worked very well with 5 test data, but proved unusable after some time of operation when there were hundreds or thousands of lines?

Generate a large amount of qualified and representative data is a complex process that takes time. YourFakeName.Com provides an answer to this need. From the development experience spyrit, YourFakeName.Com is an advanced generation of test data multiformat.

Its main strengths

  • The management of reusable and combinable business variables to define the columns of the export file
  • Management of the uniqueness of data on certain columns
  • Saving the configuration of a set of data in an XML file to use, adapt and quickly generate a new set of data.

YourFakeName.Com is absolutely free, directly usable in an online SaaS mode or downloadable from GitHub to be freely adapted.